“Quail Park of Granbury feels like home,” Chris Ibarra, executive director, said. “They don’t live in our workplace. We work in their home.”

While part of the dwelling welcomes those who need help in daily living or with memory issues, much of the community houses active adults who want socialization each day. Anyone past their 55th birthday is welcome to join Quail Park’s community, taking advantage of the many opportunities they offer.

No one wants to think of giving up their home and moving to an all-senior community, but sometimes it is the best choice. Having someone tend the grounds, clean and prepare meals makes sense for many seniors. “Dining is very important to them,” Chris said.

quail park of granbury dining

The café-style dining, complete with a soup and salad bar available throughout the day, provides freedom of choice and means mealtime isn’t restricted to certain hours. Residents can choose to cook if desired. Large tables and a special dining room allow for family celebrations, as well.

quail park of granbury apartment

Chris takes pride in their signature dining program. While the food is highly nutritious and fits special diets, it isn’t boring. The chef makes it appetizing and look good.

A pet-friendly community, often neighbors enjoy visiting each other’s animals. Each private apartment opens to an enclosed courtyard with patio space the resident gets to personalize, and they can even pursue gardening. Rooms in common areas also provide for hobbies and crafts, made more fun by sharing the space and time with other like-minded individuals.

quail park of granbury one bedroom

Quail Park of Granbury features an on-site beauty salon and theater, but they often take local and some out-of-town trips. With a full-time activities and wellness director, the staff strives to make every day as fun as possible, while maintaining safety and security.

quail park of granbury library

The staff also embraces uniqueness, encouraging each resident to use their talents and experiences with everyone. Birthdays and anniversaries become a big event. And they even have a guest suite where family members can stay overnight, if desired.

The residents bring their own furniture and decorate inside their apartments and overflow into the hallway, making their space something others enjoy as well.  Currently 41 apartments house independent living individuals or couples. Ten couples reside at Quail Park, taking advantage of the Plus 1 program. Another 15 apartments allow for those who need assistance.

quail park of granbury courtyard

Two years ago, Quail Park received Alzheimer’s Certification and opened a certified memory care cottage, which includes 19 apartments. In a separate building, the cottage has higher security levels but shares the same staff. Here they feature a memory garden and work on life skills, such as folding clothes, gardening, simple everyday tasks and creative outlets. “That’s a program we’re really proud of,” Chris stated.

The people who live at Quail Park quickly become a community. Resident ambassadors help newcomers get acquainted with all they have available, from church to games, puzzles, bingo and so much more. Happy hour and morning meet and greet are two of the daily routines many enjoy.

Chris and his staff find fulfillment in watching seniors thrive in the community. Two-way connections are real with residents giving back to staff members. As a director, Chris realizes everyone has options, but he takes pride in making Quail Park a good one for Granbury.

Written by Lisa Bell at Now Magazine.