Texas has an increasing population of aging adults. Many spend their winters in the area, as “snowbirds.” Others grow to see Texas as “home” and move to the area full-time. Of course, some seniors have spent their whole lives in Texas and plan to remain in the area for their golden years.

Texans pride themselves on being independent and self-sufficient. Many senior Texans choose to maintain independence by residing in senior-oriented RV parks. This allows seniors to have fewer home-care responsibilities and to connect with others in their age-range.

Regardless of your current circumstances, if you plan to spend your senior years in Texas, you may eventually become interested in re-locating to a residential senior living community. Senior living options can allow Texans to age-in-place by offering services, such as assisted living, that scale up to match their needs. If you are considering your senior living options in Texas, look at these factors:

Personal Needs

Just as you would consider for any potential home, where you choose to live should match your personal interests and needs. Senior living options are becoming more diverse than ever before. Many locations offer various floorplans to match your preferences. Gone are the days of giving up your furniture and pet to reside in a sterile environment. Now you can make your new home feel like home, and even bring your pet along. Such locations seem much more like an apartment than an institution.

Although, your personal abode may feel like an apartment, outside your personal space, you may feel as though you are residing in a vacation resort. This is because most senior living communities offer plenty of amenities. Anytime dining can eliminate the need to cook. You can dine on gourmet meals at your convenience. Beautiful outdoor spaces and planned activities provide opportunities for fun with friends.

Necessary Services

As you look for senior living, you may initially be interested in a location where you can comfortably reside with some support, but plenty of independence. Quail Park of Granbury offers their Independent Living Plus Program to meet these needs. This program is designed to allow residents to shed the burdens of everyday life, while still maintaining their freedom to choose personal routines and activities.

The Independent Living Plus program offers each resident a private home along with access to shared common areas. Dining options are prepared by an executive chef and if you enjoy cooking, you can select an apartment with a kitchen. Transportation, housekeeping, and linen services will allow you to focus on living rather than keeping house. These services also help residents maintain their independence without feeling held back by any physical health or mobility issues.

If aging does bring health complications, Quail Park provides scalable services that can allow residents to remain in their new home. Assisted living services range from medication management to health care provided by a trained nursing staff. Memory care services are also available for aging adults who may face memory loss and dementia, to maintain their dignity and quality of life.

Next Steps

If you are considering your senior living options in Texas, consider Quail Park of Granbury. This setting is ideal for seniors who want to maintain their independence in a comfortable, secure, residential setting. Visit and take a tour to see if Quail Park is the right fit for your needs and interests.